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Left and Right Side Panel and Wing Graphics 8 piece kit $289.00 + shipping

Airbrushed Skulls Design Is Cost Effective And Looks Like Paint:

Custom paint look for little money. Digital printed / high gloss clear vinyl laminated for extra protection. You can wax 'em and spill gas on 'em. A very tuff material. Doesn't come as a wrap, but is die cut around the design to show your color of paint on the side panel. No matching graphics on the sides of the wings but we send free extra skulls for wherever you need them. Kit comes with left and right side panel graphics (approx. 15" x 90"), 2 each of the extra free skulls. See our Ordering Page for a quick 3 step process. Easy to apply and easy to maintain.


All sand car graphics are made to order. Use our 2 seat sand car dimension template (above) and submit the A through F info the information form. Then purchase your design using the"Buy Now" button.

Fabrication Tiime:

Our graphics are print to order. After receiving your sand car dimensions and graphic purchase from our shopping cart, we'll process your order within 6 to 7 working days (That time frame also includes shipping time, depending on your shipping option).

Shipping Options:

We ship worldwide. Outside the US, USPS is the most cost effective. Inside the US, UPSP and FedEx are the shipping options. 3 day ground, 2 day air, overnight. See our shopping cart (page 3) for exact shipping cost to your door.