Left and Right Side Panel and Wing Graphics 4 piece kit $349.00 + shipping

Wicked Fire Sand Car Vinyl Wrap:

A wrap design, the Wicked Fire has digital hand painted fire in 6 different color choices with black background only. Comes with left and right side panel graphics (approx. 16" x 90"), and left and right sides wing graphics. See our Ordering Page for a quick 3 step process. Easy to apply and easy to maintain. You can wax 'em, and spill gas on 'em.


All sand car graphics are made to order. Use our 2 seat sand car dimension template (above) and submit the A through F info the Tattooedsandcar.com information form. Then purchase your design using the"Buy Now" button.

Fabrication Tiime:

Our graphics are print to order. After receiving your sand car dimensions and graphic purchase from our shopping cart, we'll process your order within 6 to 7 working days (That time frame also includes shipping time, depending on your shipping option).

Shipping Options:

We ship worldwide. Outside the US, USPS is the most cost effective. Inside the US, UPSP and FedEx are the shipping options. 3 day ground, 2 day air, overnight. See our shopping cart (page 3) for exact shipping cost to your door.