Tatt Sand Car's "Airbrushed Skulls" is available as a die cut version. Shows your paint color for a total custom airbrushed look for only $289.00 plus shipping for 2 seat cars and $349.00 plus shipping for 4 seat cars.

The Dario design is one of our most popular 2 and 4 seat sand car graphics. Available with checkered flag, photo fire & lightning. Tons of different colors. Click here for 2 Seat Sand Car / 4 Seat Sand Car.

Our "Wicked Fire" has been one of our most popular kits since 2007. Hand painted digital fire only available with a black background. Comes in 6 different colors with a new pink fire on the way. See the 2 Seat and 4 Seat sand cars versions for our four piece fire wrap kits.